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What if I am worried about the SEN support offered?

This information is about what you can do if your child has special educational needs (SEN) or a disability and you are unhappy about the help they are getting.

Rotherham SENDIASS can:

  • listen to your concerns
  • help you sort out the issues
  • identify other people who can support you
  • help you decide what to do next
  • explain the law and your rights

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The SEND Code of Practice says:

Decisions about provision for children and young people with SEN or disabilities should be made jointly by providers, parents, and children and young people themselves, taking a person-centred approach, with the views of children, young people and parents taken into account when those decisions are made. (11.1)

First steps

If you are not happy about the help that your child has at school the first step is to talk to their teacher, or to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or the Headteacher.

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If you think the school is doing all it can but your child needs even more help, you can ask the local authority for an EHC needs assessment.

If your child has an Education, Health and Care plan you can also contact Rotherham SEN Assessment Service.

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Rotherham SENDIASS can help you prepare for and attend a meeting. If you still have concerns we can help you decide what to do next.

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What next?

If you still have a problem you might be able to:

  • seek some help to put your concerns forward
  • make a complaint
  • ask for independent disagreement resolution or mediation
  • appeal against a decision

Rotherham SENDIASS can tell you more about each of these and help you decide what to do.

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Seeking help

It might be helpful to ask a friend or relative to attend a meeting with you. It is a good idea to keep notes or have records of what the school has done and has told you.

Rotherham SENDIASS can give you impartial information and advice about possible ways forward. They might also be able to offer you support, or tell you about local or national groups that provide information and advice.

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Make a complaint

If you think that the school, college or Rotherham Local Authority could do more, you can complain using their complaints procedure. They will send you a form if you ask for it. You will usually need to:

  • have tried to resolve your complaint by speaking to the right people
  • put your complaint in writing, using the word ‘complaint’
  • be clear about all the issues you want resolved
  • state what you want to happen
  • give a reasonable time by which you would like a response

If you are not happy with the outcome of making a complaint or feel that it has not been dealt with properly Rotherham SENDIASS can give you information on what to do next.

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You can find out more about complaints procedures in the SEND Code of Practice sections 11.2 and 11.67 to 11.111.

View the SEND code of practice: 0 to 25 years

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