Transfer from a Statement to an Education, Health and Care Plan

Transfer from a Statement to an Education, Health and Care Plan

Why are statements changing to EHC Plans?


  • Took a long time to write
  • Only looked at your education needs
  • Stopped when you left school
  • Were hard to read

EHC Plans

  • Are written in a way that you and your family can understand
  • You can keep your plan when you go to college or do an apprenticeship
  • If you are over 16, you can make decisions
  • A personal budget can be included
  • Includes your health and care needs as well as your education
  • Your views are important and included

Your aspirations, wishes and feelings are very important when your EHC Plan is being written.

Transfer Review

The council sends a letter to you and your school/ college at least 2 weeks before they start the process. The letter says when the EHC needs assessment will begin.

The EHC Assessment starts

This is when the 18 week time limit starts. The Local Authority collects advice and information. They will ask you what you want included in your EHC plan.

There is a 6 week time limit for advice to be sent after the LA has asked for it.

Week 12 -14

A draft EHC plan should be sent to you by this time.

Week 14

If the council decide not to write an EHC for you, they must tell you by this date.

Week 15 – 16

You have 15 days to respond to the draft plan. You can:

  • Agree that the draft plan is correct
  • Ask for any changes
  • Ask for a meeting

You also have the right to say which school or college you would prefer to go to.

The Local Authority will check that your chosen school or college can support you. They will let you know within 15 days.

Week 18

Your final EHC plan will be written and will replace your statement.