SENDIASS Annual Report 2019/2020

Commissioning Governance and Management Arrangements

Rotherham SENDIASS continues to be funded from the base revenue budget in recognition of the statutory responsibility on LAs to provide such a service. However the Code of Practice states; 

 The joint arrangements that local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups  (CCGs) must have for commissioning education, health and care provision for  children and young people with SEN or disabilities must include arrangements for  considering and agreeing what information and advice about education, health and  care provision is to be provided, by whom and how it is to be provided.    

Some historic discussions have taken place with regards to joint commissioning and this point remains on the service’s two year development plan.

The Service sits under the Educational Psychology Service, and in turn is under the Joint Commissioner for Education and Health for Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS). The LA is committed to providing a service at ‘arm’s length’ to ensure impartiality of the Service.

The Service is based in Riverside House, this is a different building to the SEND related services, however on the same wing and floor as Commissioning, Fostering and Adoption Teams as well as Early Years.

Service Monitoring Group

The Young Peoples Service Monitoring Group has met during this period, however during this period, work was undertaken to re launch the full monitoring group as identified on the two year service plan. A meeting was scheduled in for March 2020, however the this coincided with the Covid Pandemic which then brought a halt to the meeting. Terms of Reference were however agreed and published on the website outlining tasks the Monitoring group can support with. This area of work will remain a focus for the next financial year as part of the IAS Programme.


Rotherham SENDIASS remained under contract with the Council for Disabled Children for this financial period. As such the Service was provided with an additional £45,900 on top of the funding provided by Revenue funding from RMBC, to work towards being a compliant service against the SENDIASS minimum standards. The Service also had some remaining funding from previous financial years CDC contract. 

Staffing for this period 

Revenue funded:

Kerry Taylor – Service Lead (full time)

Donna Sanderson- Clerical Officer (0.6)

Sarah Lowe – SEND Advisor( 0.8) in post from August 2018

Andrew Lound – Children’s Disability Information Officer – None SENDIASS role (0.5)


Temporary RMBC Funding

Louise Mulligan – Children’s Information Officer (0-16) – (0.8) until June 2019

Sally Thomas – Young Person’s Information Officer (16-25) – (0.6)

Rachel White (Secondment) – Referral Officer (Full time)

Leanne Taylor – Children’s Information Officer (0-16) – (0.8) from November 2019  


CDC remaining funding:

Andrew Lound – Children’s Disability Information Officer (0.3)


CDC IASP funding:

Maria RidgeSENDIASS Officer (0.9) from July 2019

Steve Wadsworth – SENDIASS Officer (full Time) – Steve was funded by CDC for 0.9 however the LA made this up to full time. from August 2019

LA support and Access to Work – Barbara Burlace – Support Worker – full time from August 2019.

Catherine Hancox – Independent Supporter (Volunteer) - (Provision of equipment, training and expenses) 

Marie Simmons – Independent Supporter (Volunteer) - (Provision of equipment, training and expenses) 

Katie – supported throughout the CDC project