SEND Advisor

What people like and admire about me

I have a calm and empathic nature and I am a good problem solver. I am passionate about my job having worked with special educational needs and/or disabilities for about 18 years. I enjoy sharing SEN legal and practical knowledge to inform or influence, especially when it makes a difference to the families I advise or support.

What makes me happy

Positive people, lovely food and great places. I also enjoy Live Action Role Playing and camping and spending time in nature. I enjoy learning and reading self-help books that have taken me on a personal learning journey for some time. I am a hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner and I am thrilled that I have realised a dream of having my own business.

How I want to be supported

I need a little time to process information. I feel caught like a rabbit in the headlights if I am given complex instructions and expected to answer or react quickly. I can sometimes appear aloof but this is a coping mechanism that enables me to process and centre myself. 10 minutes away from my desk with a nice hot drink often works.