Guiding Voices

Guiding Voices

Guiding Voices - every voice counts

We are a group of young people with SEND aged 10 and above who get together to share our voices once a month. We have done some events and have a calm atmosphere for people to come along and share their voices with us.

Sometimes it is hard to explain what it is like for you and it is important to have the chance to show what it’s like inside your head, so people can understand.

Below is a video that shows one way to capture and share young people’s voices.

We asked young people from Rotherham “what’s inside your head?”. They were 5-25 years old and had special educational needs like autism, dyslexia, and learning disabilities. This is what they told us: I hide the real me inside.

Guiding Voice video

Creative ways to capture voices

The left hand represents past terrors I’ve experienced at school. The right hand represents my creativity, family, and goals.

What we have been working on

guiding voices

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You may keep it locked, but by releasing that inner waterfall is true strength

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It’s inside all of us; the lion in the soul. All you have to do is unleash your true feelings