Creative ways to capture voices

Examples of young people’s voices and views

My Past and Future

Drawing of a left hand with writing on it
Drawing of a right hand with writing on it

Olivers kenning

Noah kenning

Jack kenning

A dream catchcer

How I Feel About School

Drawings of hands with writing on

Approaches that can be used to capture voices


Flow of Courage

It’s inside all of us; the lion in the soul. All you have to do is unleash your true feelings!

Childs artwork of courage

Painting of hands


Hands of Time

The left hand represents past terrors I’ve experienced at school. The right hand represents my creativity, family, and goals.

Text about dreams

Releasing waterfalls artwork

Waterfalls Make Strength

I got inspiration from one of Charlie Mackesy’s best books. “You may keep it locked, but by releasing that inner waterfall is true strength!”

The Spaniel Lion

When looking at our family cocker spaniel, he reminds me of the majestic lion. So here’s the Spaniel Lion come to see you, big-eyed and hunting for your sausage rolls!

Artwork of spaniel lion

Child's views video (boy)

Child's views video (girl)

Masks project video