Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans)

What is an EHC plan?

An EHCP is a plan to make sure you get the support you need.
It describes your special educational needs, and any health or social care needs.
It is a written record of the support you need to help you learn.
It is a legal document which means that what is in the plan – has to be done.

What is an EHCP and who is it for?

Who needs an EHC plan?

Most young people with special educational needs have help from school or college. This is called SEN Support. If this helps you to make good progress, you don’t need an EHC plan.

Sometimes you might need more support. If you need more help than the school’s SEN Support, an EHC needs assessment might be the next step.

How do I get one?

You need to ask the Local Authority for an EHC Plan Needs Assessment.
To do this, you send them a letter asking for one.

This can be done by:

  • Parents of young people 0 – 25 years
  • Young people themselves, aged 16-25
  • Your school or college

What is an EHC Needs Assessment?

This is an assessment to see if you need an Education, Health and Care plan. (EHC)
It is a detailed look at your Special Educational Needs and the support you might need to learn.

A needs assessment brings together information about:

  • What you can do
  • How you learn
  • How you join in different activities in and around school
  • The special help that you need

this information comes from:

  • You
  • Your parents
  • Your school or college
  • Other people that work with you

When would I need an assessment?

Schools and colleges offer ‘SEN support’ to students who have special educational needs. This is getting extra help to support you in your learning.

You can apply for an EHC Needs Assessment if;

  • You still feel you need more help than the school/college can provide,
  • You are not making progress

Who can ask for an assessment?

  • You - If you are aged between 16-25 years
  • Your parents – if you are under 16 years old
  • Your school or college
  • Other people who know or work with you.

It is a good idea to talk to your school or college if you are thinking about an EHC assessment.

What information will be looked at?

The Local Authority will decide whether to do a Needs Assessment.

They will look at:

  • Your progress
  • Your Special Educational Needs
  • What support has already helped
  • The difference this support has made to you and your learning
  • Your health needs and social needs that affect your education
  • Your physical, emotional and social development

How long does the Assessment take?

When you ask for an EHC Needs Assessment, the Local Authority has
6 weeks to decide if they will do the assessment.
They will look at all the information. Then they will tell you;

  • Yes, they will start the EHC needs assessment
  • No, an EHC needs assessment is not needed.
    You may not agree with this. You can talk to SENDIASS about what you could do next.

Your Needs Assessment for an EHC Plan

If the council decide to do a needs assessment, everyone is asked for more information.

SENDIASS can help you to put your thoughts into the plan.

Then there will be a meeting to talk about all the information. It is important your thoughts are shared at this meeting. You may wish to be at this meeting or you may wish to ask others to share your thoughts so you don’t have to go.

SENDIASS can help you to join in the meeting or share your ideas.

After assessing your needs, the local authority will decide whether to give you an EHC plan or not.

If the Local Authority does not feel an EHC plan is needed, they will write and tell you. You may not agree with this. You can appeal this decision and you may wish to speak with us and ask for our support to do this.

If they do feel a plan would help, they will send you a draft EHC plan.

You have 15 days to look at the plan and tell the Local Authority what you think. You can ask for changes. You can also say which setting, school or college you would like to go to.

Once the plan is agreed, the Local Authority will send you a final plan. This tells everyone all about your Education, Health and Care needs and how people need to help you. It will also tell you where your education and training will take place.

You can talk to SENDIASS at any time if you need information, advice or support. We can help you with your draft plan. If you are not happy with your plan, we can talk to you about your options.

What will be in my EHC plan?

The plan has 12 sections:
A: Your views and aspirations (hopes for the future). Your parents can comment too.
B: Your special educational needs (SEN).
C: Your health needs.
D: Your social care needs.
E: Your planned outcomes - what you plan to achieve.
F: Special educational provision – what is going to be provided to help you.
G: Any health provision needed that relates to your SEN or disability.
H1: Any social care provision that must be made for you if you are under 18.
H2: Any other social care provision that will help.
I: Placement – For example, naming the school or college where you are going.
J: Your Personal Budget.
K: Advice and Information received.

EHC Timeline

You ask the Local Authority for an EHC needs assessment.

Within 6 weeks of the start date
The Local Authority decides an assessment is not needed.
The EHC needs assessment starts.

Within 16 weeks of the start date
The Local Authority tells you that they are not going to issue an EHC plan.
The Local Authority sends you a draft plan.

You have 15 days to respond to the draft plan. You can:

  • Agree that the draft plan is correct
  • Ask for any changes
  • Ask for a meeting

You also have the right at this point to say which school or college you want to go to.

The Local Authority checks with the school or college you have named.
They have 15 days to do this.

Within 20 weeks of the start date
The Local Authority sends you the final plan.

Right of Appeal

The process of getting an EHC plan can be difficult.

You might disagree if the Local Authority decide:

  • Not to do an EHC needs assessment.
  • Not to write an EHC plan after they have done the assessment.

You might disagree with information in your plan, including:

  • The description of your Special Educational Needs.
  • The provision (help) you need.
  • The school or college written in the plan.

If you disagree you can APPEAL. You have two months to do this.

SENDIASS can provide you with Independent Support through the EHC needs assessment, if you would welcome support, have any questions, or want to appeal about your plan, please contact us or telephone on 01709 823627 and we will be happy to help.