Parent / Carer Advice & Support

At SENDIASS we take a graduated approach to our offer for parents and carers.




Our website hosts a range of resources which can offer information about your situation and tools to help you move things forward. We also offer and range of workshops throughout the year on topics such as SEN support, Funding SEN support, EHC needs assessments and plans to offer an overview of these processes and your rights within. Please consult our Workshops and Presentations page for updates on new workshops taking place

Information from our Children’s Disability Officer

If you would like some information on activities locally for your child or short breaks, please feel free to contact Andrew Lound on 01709 336423 or or if you would like to join the Children’s Disability Register, you can do so here

Advice from our SEND Advisor.

Our SEND Advisor offers a triage service in the first instance. She will offer an in-depth conversation to unpick your situation and offer advice on your options and links to useful guidance and resources which you may find useful to move things forward. This may involve seeking your written permission to talk to other services involved with your child to clarify the situation further and enable her to offer more specific and accurate advice. A follow-up email is then usually sent to provide a summary of the information shared, options discussed and links to relevant guidance.


Ongoing Support

If more in-depth and ongoing support is needed, our Referral Officer and Service lead can also offer you individual support around your child’s special educational needs. This might include:

  • helping you to communicate with schools and other services involved with your child
  • going with you to meetings with schools or other services involved with your child
  • looking at the choices that are available to meet your child's needs
  • helping you to make sure your child has their views heard
  • helping you to make sense of any letters, reports and documents you receive. We'll also help you put your views in writing
  • helping you to navigate processes such as the graduated approach to SEN support in schools, EHC needs assessment process, exclusion etc.

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