Managed Moves & Direction off-site for Education

Managed Moves & Direction off-site for Education

Updates to the statutory guidance on exclusions has brought greater focus to preventative measures to school exclusion. Alongside initial intervention strategies, head teachers are advised to consider off-site direction or managed moves as a preventative measure to exclusion. The use of these types of alternative provision should be based on an understanding of the support a child/young person needs, to improve their behaviour, as well as any SEND or health needs.

What is a managed move?

A managed move is a voluntary agreement between schools, parent/carers, and a pupil, which leads to the transfer of the pupil to another mainstream school permanently.

Managed moves should be offered as part of a planned intervention and the original school should be able to evidence that appropriate initial interventions have been carried out, where relevant. This may be evidence of the graduated approach; multi-agency support or statutory assessments being completed/explored prior to a managed move.

Information sharing between the original school and the new school is important including data on prior/current attainment, risk assessments and information on SEN and special educational provision required. It is also important for the new school to ensure that the pupil is provided with an effective integration strategy.

When may a managed move be considered?

A managed move may be considered in different situations, for example:

  • If a pupil is at risk of permanent exclusion

Where a pupil refuses to attend their current school.