Personal Budgets

What is a Personal Budget?

A personal budget is an amount of money paid by the Local Authority to help you make progress. A Personal Budget is part of your EHC Plan. Your EHC Plan explains what extra support you need. A Personal Budget says who will pay for this support. A Personal Budget can pay for activities, special resources, or expert help, extra to what school or college can provide.

What can it be used for?

Personal budgets can only be used to pay for the support that is written in an EHC plan. That could be equipment, activities, or specialist help. It has to be agreed by the Local Authority. You can find out more about what can be included in a personal budget by contacting SENDIASS on the contact details below.

Who can ask for a personal budget?

Parents of a child with an EHC plan (Education Health and Care Plan) or A young person aged 16-25 with an EHC plan

When can I ask for a personal budget?

  • When a new draft EHC plan is being written.
  • When an EHC plan that you already have is being reviewed.

Who looks after your Personal Budget?

The choices are: Notional Budget The local authority, school or college will look after your personal budget for you. Direct Payment You can have the money directly and you and your parents can pay for your services. Third Party Arrangement The money is paid to someone else, for example a transport service. Combination A mixture. For example some money might come to you, and some go to a third party.