Reviewing an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan

If your child has an EHC plan, the Local Authority (LA) must review the plan as a minimum every 12 months to monitor your child’s progress and to make sure the plan continues to meet his or her needs. Reviews must also consider whether the outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate. For children under five, a review may take place every three to six months.

If there is concern about your child’s progress or if your child is due to change school, then an annual review may be brought forward. Parents and young people can ask for annual reviews to be held early if there are concerns, however the LA does not have to agree to an early review and refusal does not give rise to any right of appeal.

The purpose of the review meeting is to:

  • Bring together the views of yourself, your child and all those involved in helping them
  • Make sure that targets set previously are being achieved and to set new targets for next year
  • Review the special educational provision made for your child, any further action and who will be responsible for this
  • Recommend possible changes to the EHC plan, if appropriate
  • Consider whether an EHC plan is still required