What people like and admire about me

  • I can use sign language
  • I have been to quite a lot of other countries
  • I love my family
  • I try hard to be truthful even when it is hard
  • I enjoy learning new things, like new languages
  • I like to laugh
  • I am honest and tell people how I am feeling
  • I am quite good at art and making things

What makes me happy

  • My Cat
  • Going on holiday
  • Playing with my baby niece
  • Watching films
  • Travelling
  • Salt and vinegar crisps

How I want to be supported

  • I am not very good with technology- don’t expect me to walk and text at the same time!
  • I like to share lots of different ideas with other people before choosing the best one.
  • I need my glasses to read, and prefer large writing, or a large font on the screen.
  • A cup of tea (milk and one sugar) helps me feel welcome and relaxed!