Information, advice and support for parents and carers

We can offer you individual support around your child’s special educational needs. This might include:

  • helping you to communicate with schools and other services involved with your child
  • going with you to meetings with schools or other services involved with your child
  • looking at the choices that are available to meet your child's needs
  • helping you to make sure your child has their views heard
  • helping you to make sense of any letters, reports and documents you receive. We'll also help you put your views in writing

Make a referral

Support for children

We can also support your child (up to age 16) by:

  • helping them put their views in writing
  • helping them make sense of information they receive
  • advocating for them in meetings around their special educational needs or disabilities

Support for parents and carers

Our supporters work with parents, carers and young people (age 16-25). Where an Education, Health and Care needs assessment is requested for your child, they can support you through this process.

What will a supporter do?

  • explain the process of a needs assessment
  • help you to consider your views, wishes and feelings
  • help you to voice, record and share your aspirations for your child's future
  • provide you with information about personal budgets. We'll also help you to navigate the Rotherham SEND Local Offer
  • provide support at the multi-agency planning (MAP) meeting if requested
  • help you to understand the draft EHC plan and support you to discuss this with the local authority
  • signpost you to other services who can offer you further information, advice and support

How long will a Supporter work with me?

If an EHC needs assessment has been requested for your child, a supporter can work with you to the end of this process. This could up to 20 weeks. Your supporter can also discuss other services that offer impartial information, advice and support.

Make a referral

Once agreed, the information given to us on a referral will be passed to a fully trained supporter to work with you.

Be a supporter

We recruit and train volunteers/supports, making sure that you are kept up to date with special educational needs policy and procedures to offer effective advice and support.

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