Fixed Period Exclusion

What is a Fixed Period Exclusion?

This is where an exclusion is set for a specific period of time.

A fixed period exclusion should be for the shortest appropriate time. Fixed Period exclusions may be used for periods up to 45 school days per year and does not have to be a continuous period. Lunchtime exclusions are counted as half day exclusion. If a child is receiving free school meals these must still be provided.

Any exclusion from school can have serious implications for a pupil and should only be used as a last resort. Before deciding to exclude, the school must have tried all other methods of help to support your child in school.

During the first 5 days you as parents are responsible for your child's whereabouts, you must make sure that they are not in a public place without reasonable justification during school hours. You could be prosecuted if your child is found in a public place when they're not supposed to be.