Refferal Officer

What people like and admire about me

  • Friendly
  • Hard working
  • Always researching something
  • Honest
  • Calm
  • Always willing to help
  • I'm super organised

What makes me happy

  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Walking my dog
  • Reading
  • Horse riding
  • Ice skating
  • Eating out
  • Shopping
  • Travelling and I loved Australia, Paris and Prague
  • Going to the cinema

How I want to be supported

  • I will ask for clarification if I’m not clear on things - I like details
  • I am a visual person – I need space for all my post it notes
  • Please give me constructive feedback or praise for a job well done
  • Lastly and by no means least – having a stash of chocolate in the office!