SENDIASS Evaluation of the Service April 2019-20

Making a difference

90.8% of respondents answered positively that our service involvement had made a difference to their situation. 3.8% were unsure if our involvement had helped. 2.2% told us that our involvement didn’t make a difference at the time of completing the evaluation form.

We asked if following our involvement their relationship with schools/settings/services/LA changed. 47.5% stated their relationship had remained positive, 25% stated their relationship had remained challenging. However, 25% reported that their relationship had improved since our involvement.

During this period, the service received 3 evaluation sheets that on the whole stated they were unsatisfied with the service that had been offered. Two of those had requested further contact to see if we were in a position to offer more help. On further contact, a case worker had been allocated and work is still ongoing to support two very complex situations.

As word of mouth is an important factor in parents using the Service parents were asked for quotes that could be used on service literature, these included:-

"I would recommend any family to contact SENDIASS. Kerry Taylor has shown extreme professionalism, great knowledge and expert advice"

"they always give an unbiased information which helped 100% - thank you"

"the staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. They offer objective advice made me more confident to move forward with the issues I had the correct information and advice"

"SENDIASS is a non biased, professional service which I would recommend to any parent requiring legal advice and support. Thank you"

"I would advise them to contact straight away. The support is very positive and encouraging. It is very easy to become isolated this service has opened up a positive and new experience which in turn has given my son courage to go back into education and complete a course he enjoys so much. Thankyou very much."

Other quotes included:

Good and so helpful. 
Very helpful service
Your child’s needs will be put first.
Worthwhile, helpful and non-judgmental service which uses the existing systems to get you the help you need quickly.
I would tell them to definitely ring for advice and information as the staff have a lot of knowledge, they’re really friendly and good listeners.
Definitely ring
Please use this service if you are worried about your child has it is so helpful, and staff can't do enough to help.
Get the help and support that you need
An excellent service with objective and sound advice. Such a relief that they are there for the parents and children.
Put my mind to rest and do help Fantastic service.
Would recommend to any parent in need. Very understanding and knowledgeable.
Go ahead. They give you a sense of a light at the end of a tunnel.
Thank you.
I would say not to hold back if you’re unsure about anything than to get in touch because for me I found them very helpful and supportive, and I would most certainly use them again.
Great for advice and helping you to understand how special education works within a school environment
I would tell any parent to get in touch
Do it
Give them a ring as they are there to help you and give you some advice and point u in the right direction .
I say please get touch these cos help with school and everything else
Use it, the staff are very helpful and listen to your concerns and help you through the all situations Please use SENDIASS. This service has helped achieve a very positive and beneficial outcome for our child, but without SENDIASS I wouldn't have had the knowledge or confidence to attend meetings and write letters. Especially being accompanied to meetings for us was very productive. Staff at SENDIASS have excellent knowledge and also checked letters for us, before they were forwarded to School and LA. We can't thank Staff and Managers enough. Very much appreciated - Thank you All.
Do it you have nothing to lose
SENDIASS were our saviour at a very dark time where we didn’t know who to turn to and how to deal with the challenging relationship we had with school. They enabled us to feel in control again and to be able to communicate effectively with the school.
For families that don’t feel supported call SENDIASS. They are specialist in supporting families with children with additional disabilities and needs. They listen, respect and deliver every time. Would recommend the fabulous service offered by SENDIASS. One of the advisors accompanied me to mediation for refusal to assess for EHC and met with me before hand to go through the evidence. Always very friendly and supportive throughout the process. Cannot thank SENDIASS enough for the support at a very stressful time.
Don’t think twice the support is invaluable
Having a children’s keyworker was helpful to my daughter. She felt she was heard even though some of the problems may not have been resolved, she was able to talk about them. This service is essential to guiding a parent through the complicated process of Send and EHC law.
Use this service!, it has been a lifeline for our family, the staff are knowledgeable, supportive and kind, specifically Rachel whom we owe our gratitude for keeping us above water many times. SENDIASS have been fantastic at getting my sons views on how he feels about school and attending meetings to make sure that his views are heard.
Fantastic service with amazing support
I would just say how much I appreciate the help and support the team gave me
Please do place your trust in this excellent service.